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Chariots Green Farmacy

Chariots Green Farmacy is a Proudly South African manufacturer, supplier and 
distributor of high-quality CBD, Cannabis and Hemp products. The Chariots 
Green Farmacy online store is your one-stop South African online shop for
all CBD and Hemp infused edibles (chocolates, gummies, chillies,
drinks) medicinals, oils, vapes, bath diffusers and general health and
wellness products and CBD-inspired massage services.

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Chariots Sweet Treat Factory

Do Your Munchies Have a Sweet Tooth?

Professionally infused and tasty chocolate, cookie, lollipop, gummy edibles and more. Find the perfect sweet treat for yourself or a special friend or family member…

The Farmacy

Quality Guarantee

Chariots Green Farmacy uses only the best ingredients for its custom-made hemp seed, marijuana and CBD-infused products! You as a customer can rest easy, knowing that we source our ingredients from suppliers we’ve been in business with and trusted for over a decade. You know that when you’re buying a Chariots Green Farmacy product, you are buying quality!