Sensual Bath Diffuser


10cm Orb
This is the perfect expression of love, comfort and a deep inner sensual connect.
A frenzy of deep warm, floral notes with fruit, citrus and warming spice, sensual, cleansing, meditative, and mellow.
Circulatory, with focus on mind and root chakra. Alleviating low energy, anger and loneliness through balancing root chakra giving rise to a reinforced self.
Stability, security, energy, vigour and wellbeing.
Meditation, deep connection, tantra, deep sleep, lucid dreams.
Beautifying properties.
Stress, anger and nervous afflictions calmed and transformed.
Eases the heart rate and dilates the blood vessels.
Improves sexual function and drive, improves relaxation and helps with PMS/Menopause.

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